LEITZ PARK, Wetzlar, Germany, 2018

It is a great honor for me to be contacted by world-famous company Leica with a vision to create unique artwork – sculpture for their new headquarters Leitzpark 3 in Wetzlar. Client gave me no restrictions and posed no limits, which provided me most creative freedom. I designed a sculpture made of stainless steel that symbolizes the cosmic, rotating energy that directs from the Earth to heaven and the universe.
I was able to incorporate large stainless steel lenses that symbolize the lens in the human eye and the lens of the camera. Presented in the same manner as recording our reality into the photographic devices that Leica produces in absolutely perfect form.  At the top of the work I placed a cast glass lens of Czech crystal, which is precisely cut and polished with a weight of 30 kg. This lens became the largest lens in the Leica area.
The artwork is highly polished and reflects and transforms our reality into the artistic illusion of another universe. The work became the dominant feature of a new complex and a very photographed object.
2 years of work, 2016-2018
3 tons of stainless steel
5m height

Leitz-Park 2018 – Opening Event Video

Big Rotation Video