The creation of the artwork M.G.V.S. was inspired by my long-standing interest in archeology and history.
My fascination with first storied pyramids, the so-called ziggurats, in ancient Mesopotamia. Mostly by the most famous ziggurat in Ur.
The distinct irregular undulations of this sculpture symbolize the sunrise on the desert horizon.
M.G.V.S is my largest hand blown piece.
At this size, it is extremely challenging to achieve the purity of the glass and the precision of the execution of the wavy rotary shape.
In 2017, a similar sculpture was purchased by a prestigious private collection in Macau, it now is in the Morpheus skyscraper by the famous architect Zaha Hadid.
The work was exhibited in Oman, U.S.A. and the Czech Republic and had much success.
I love its strong positive energy and harmony with the Universe.
My inner sun.

Production technology:
Hand-blown laminated glass, Czech crystal + amber glass.
Sanded, polished, matt sandblasted.
Hand polished.
Signed Rudolf Burda on the lower part.
Comes with a certificate of authenticity. 2016.

Exhibited in:
Oman / Stal Gallery – Mirror Space – 2017
U.S.A. / Palm Desert – Melissa Morgan Fine Art – 2021

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