Rudolf Burda / 鲁道夫·布尔达先生


Rudolf Burda was born on 29.05.1973 in the industrial city of Mladá Boleslav in the center of Europe, in the Czech Republic. During the years 1987 -1991 Rudolf Burda studied at the School of Applied Arts in Turnov (Czech Republic) major of artistic blacksmithing. In 1992 until 1993 he was interned in California, USA, and then founded his art studio back in the Czech Republic. In 2010, he was fascinated by glass and since then is professionally engaged in the creation of glass objects and sculptures.

鲁道夫·布尔达先生(Rudolf Burda)在1973年5月29日出生于中欧捷克共和国工业城姆拉达-博莱斯拉夫市。在1987年至1991年期间,鲁道夫·布尔达在图尔诺夫市(捷克共和国)应用艺术学院专攻艺术铁匠专业的学习。他在1992年至1993年期间在美国加利福尼亚州实习,其后回到捷克共和国创办了他自己的艺术工作室。在2010年,他开始迷上玻璃,从此专业从事玻璃艺品及雕塑的创作。

Nowadays he primarily works with glass, but, also, often produces wonderful objects made of glass and stainless steel. His works are found in various art collections in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Holland, London, United States of America, and the Middle East. In 2012 participated in a big exhibition at Utrecht, Netherlands, twice in 2014 and 2015 exhibited in Dubai, UAE. In April 2016 Rolls-Royce bought a whole collection of RR & RB. The chairman of Leica Company had personally contacted Rudolf and asked him to create a 5-meters-high work for brand new Leica World in Wetzlar, Germany. In the end of this year Rudolf Burda is looking forward to participate in the most prestigious art events for emerging artists: The Jiangsu Art Fair and the Scope Miami Art Basel Miami, which will be followed by a personal large exhibition in the capital of Oman Muscat.


Rudolf says about his own creativity following words:
“The greatest inspiration for me is the universe that is fulfilling my life’s credo of being the energy of the big bang, which has neither beginning nor ending. In my creativity, I’m following minimalistic legacy and I am searching for the ideal and pure form, which is perceived as “gestalt” – “an organized whole”. My aim is to contribute to the preservation of the old tradition of hand-blown glass together with developing and perfecting it.

I hope to evoke in a viewer understanding of time and space, formed from a continuous flow of energy, which reflects all reality but at the same time, it creates and it swallows. In my works, I preserve the old tradition of hand-blown glass and on the other side, I am aimed to represent a new concept of layered glass and unique aesthetics of material”.

如下为鲁道夫先生关于其创造灵感的几句描述: “对我来说,最大的灵感来自于宇宙,乃是基于宇宙大爆炸没有开始也没有结束的气量。本人创造时遵守极简派传代的原则,而寻找理想和纯粹的形式,乃是被视为格式塔理论(Gestalt)–即“有组织的整体”。我的目标是自己贡献于保护、发展及完善手工吹制玻璃的历史悠久传统。我希望唤起观赏者对时间和空间的理解,乃是从能量不间断地流动而形成的,其反映了当下世界所有的现实性,就是所创造并吞噬一切的气量流动。 在我的作品中,我保留了手工吹制玻璃的旧传统;另一方面,我的目标是再创层状玻璃的新概念和独特的材料美学。“

Taking a firm rooting in the canon of art history, Rudolf Burda’s works are at once arresting and seductive. Burda’s continued explorations into the medium of glass within contemporary art and design see him pushing the envelope of what is possible.

Burda’s work seeks to find the perfect form and as such, a profound and universal beauty intrinsically recognized by all its viewers. Very best as always, 
William Davie 
Aesthetica Magazine, Kolekto Magazine, This Is Tomorrow, Hunger Magazine, Tremors Magazine,

深刻地基于艺术史的经典,鲁道夫·布尔达先生的作品同时引人注目和深具魅力的。布尔达先生的持续实践,将玻璃作为当代艺术与设计的介质,看到他如何开拓了新的思路。 布尔达先生的创作力求找到最完美的形式和如上述所言,以深刻而普遍的美感本质获得了所有观众的认可。   最好的总是一如既往, 威廉 - 威廉·戴维(William Davie) 美学杂志 Kolekto杂志 即是明日杂志 饥饿杂志 震颤杂志